Bosso Wear Retro Leather Wallet

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Color: Brown

Meet our Retro Leather Wallet: Our one-of-a-kind showstopper that's turning heads.

  • Made of Premium crafted pure leather (cow leather) to give you a genuinely high-quality wallet.
  • Our premium crafted products are renowned for their signature durability and are designed to look good with time. Our expert coating enables for our products to be waterproof, scratch resistant, and abrasion proof.




BOSSO WEAR was formed early 2012 and was officially launched in May 2012. We're a big family run business. We focus on 100% handmade and handcrafted items, mainly those formed from leather. The business was set up through our desire to design, produce and own items of the highest standard and quality. Our main leatherworker started out working in saddlery in the 1970's, having the pleasure of making saddles of the highest standard and quality for the royal family amongst other things. After honing his skills for many years, we've been lucky enough to utilise his skills. We work with original antique leather tools, no plastic parts or stanley knives here. These superior quality tools and our extensive knowledge in the leather trade allow us to produce high quality products. All of our products are hand-cut and hand-stitched, a technique now rarely used due to the affordable access and speed of modern sewing machines. We pride ourselves on the ability to make products in this way, something on which the whole business is built upon.



We use a variety of different leather types. All selections are from European hides, are full grain and are vegetable tanned. In general, a hide of cow leather can be 4.5 to 6 square meters in size.

Over the complete size, it will be of various depths and densities. Firm grain on the back but soft on the underbelly. Tanneries will cut it appropriate for different trades. They also split it to specific thickness depending of tasks.

Leather Care

Any traditional cream, polish or wax will work well. Applied with a cloth or a brush and buff to a high finish. We recommend mink oil as it simulates and supplements the natural oils of leather. When applying mink oil, leave on for 10 minutes, then wipe off the excess. Dry thoroughly in an airy room. Condition every month or so to keep the shine of your leather and to prevent flaking and wrinkling. Note that mink oil may darken the shade of your leather. Use dubbin cream as an alternative to mink oil. For final water proofing step, rub the edges with bees wax and burnish evenly. 



Most of the BOSSO WEAR collection of products in bridle leather are made in this building. Full to the brim with hand tools, templates, cutting benches and sewing machines – it is a cobblers dream.

Upstairs are more sewing and skiving machines allowing flexibility under times of high demand. This upper section also houses the components waiting for assembly.

This workshop is the main hive of the BOSSO WEAR complex – here you will find a treasure trove of tools, designs and leather innovations that have been gathered and cooked up over the years. It is also a favourite haunt of a particularly fluffy and adorable regular customery.



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